"Environmental and resource groundwater
services, water policy and project management"


Some of our projects.

Secure Allocations, Future Entitlements. Department of Primary Industries and Environment

Secure Allocation, Future Entitlements (SAFE) was a $2.2 M project funded by the Commonwealth Government under the National Groundwater Action Plan to progress the management of groundwater in Victoria. All EarthEon staff were significantly involved with this project. Tasks included:

  • Liaison with National Water Commission project manager and Office of Water for governance, budget, risk review and project updates

  • internal and external project and budget management

  • preparation and evaluation of tenders for external projects

  • technical reviews of consultants reports

  • organisation, preparation and management of major stakeholders 2-day workshop in Daylesford

  • assistance in statewide consultation program

  • development and completion of in-house projects such as ‘development of boundaries of groundwater catchments’, development of groundwater catchment systems and ‘depth management rules’.

LNAPL Fate and transport analysis. Environmental projects.

Large LNAPL plume near sensitive marine environment at a power station site.  Completed hydrogeological investigation and analysis of historical 13,000L fuel oil spill in a shallow aquifer adjoining a sensitive marine environment.

The analysis showed that the plume was stable but current remediation activity as having a limited impact. This project has led to a re-evaluation remediation options for the site making a substantial saving for the client.

Fate and transport model of TCE plume, Melbourne.

Completed plume stability analysis and fate and transport modelling of a historical chlorinated hydrocarbon plume in support of a CUTEP submission. The analysis established that the plume was diminishing, CUTEP was achieved and the site development (high density residential) could begin.

Dewatering engineering assessment and design. Gippsland Water.

EarthEon completed a hydrogeological investigation in preparation of dewatering of submerged water treatment tanks. The investigation allowed the risk of floor heave during dewatering to be adequately managed so that repairs could be completed.

Groundwater-surface water interaction investigation, Northeast Melbourne. Melbourne Water.

EarthEon worked with Melbourne Water to develop a groundwater monitoring network adjoining a critical environmental asset.

The monitoring network had to withstand regular inundation and be installed with minimal impact to the site. Work was successfully completed allowing update of conceptual understanding of the site and will direct management efforts in the future.

Hydrogeological assessment as part of contaminated  site assessment for land redevelopment, Melbourne.

The site was originally used as taxi depot and car sales yard with seven USTs and added complexity of imported fill across the former swamp land with multiple aquifers and the challenge of working around an active construction site.

The work was completed as part of an EPA audit. EarthEon planned and supervised the installation of 15 groundwater monitoring wells, of which 14 tapped the water table aquifer and one the underlying Moray Street Gravels,  and five sampling rounds.

The impact on groundwater flow conditions and chemistry once the lift shaft was installed and the intermittent leaking of off-site water main were also assessed. Work was successfully completed and audit certificate issued.

Peer review for water planning and policy. National Water Commission, Canberra.

Work involved peer review of water planning instruments for the Sustainable Pathways project and  monitoring and evaluation regimes for the Monitoring and Evaluation project.